I am a photography enthusiast in search for the awe. Blue is my photography companion, a Huawei P30 Pro. We team up around moments of meaning.

On a slightly but not altogether different front, I am building up my practice as a coach, on my journey towards the ICF Associate Coach Certification. How does this link to photography and sailing, find out here.

Whilst I have started this blog based of my love for photography, I must give credit to the fact that my love for the sea, and later on for sailing, is what really sparked my decision to take on step further. So I joined these two together, into photographs and stories of land and sea. As with any choice to open up and share, it wasn’t easy, nor a quick decision to make. But the best part is, what’s here has been built over a good number of years of learning, reflection, change – all in all: the experience of life, as much as I know to make the most of. That’s what ‘Blue and I’ is about: images, stories, metaphors, moments, meaning and emotions.

If you want to learn a bit about me, first I will bring up how my love for boats has started that day, in the picture right below. I always felt I loved the sea, but that one day I decided I am done sitting and watching it from afar. A small motor boat took us on a short cruise on the Danube. The skipper started all of a sudden to speak to me, out of everyone there. He explained about the boat, the engine, the currents, about how to maneuver, and the more he would detail his explanations, the more I would become interested to understand. Two months later, I sat my exam for a motor boat permit and there it all started.

Yep. It's a selfie. #idontdoselfies #neversaynever #darkhairforcatchingthewind

Publicată de Madalina Mihai pe Sâmbătă, 14 aprilie 2018

Second picture is from the day I felt in love with sail boats, in particular. I jumped aboard Sail while being very skeptical and 48 hours later, when the trip was over, I cried saying good bye to it. It’s been a turning point. If the first experience impressed me because of the chance to experience how currents would affect maneuvering, this time round the experience of facing the elements of nature was so much more powerful. Learning about the wind and the water only gets more and more captivating in time, once you resonate.

Poza de exact acum un an, de la prima iesire pe mare. Imi luasem tricoul cu 'focus on new goals' doar in spirit de…

Publicată de Madalina Mihai pe Duminică, 15 septembrie 2019

And this is me growing more accustomed to being at sea. Picture is from a family trip, celebrating my eldest son’s 7th b-day (though you can’t see him). Luckily for me, my family seems to enjoy the sea too, which is why my two boys are currently learning how to sail as well.


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